Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Berber Food Summary

Achraf Krafssi Berber Food

Berber Food is very important to the moroccan culture. It has it’s own way to be cooked, own ingredients, and spices. Couscous and Tajine are examples of Berber Food.

Couscous is usually eaten at lunch and dinner and should always be warm and with the vegetable sauce. Couscous is put in the pyramid shaped tajine pot. Couscous is made out of wheat grains, vegetables and meat. Now, Couscous is known all around the world but people are changing the couscous from the tradition. For example: Pork shouldn’t be put in couscous or in any other berber food.

Tajine could be made with many ingredients. For example: Tajine with lamb and plums, Tajine with chicken, Tajine with tuna, and tajine with pigeon. Like couscous it is eaten at lunch and dinner and put in a tajine pot.

Berber Food is cooked traditionally in a mud oven made with cow manure. It is warmed with trees found in the area and for special times they have charcoal. When the food is ready to be served, they put it in a tajine pot for decorations. The tajine pot is made out of clay and usually is painted with designs.

Spices are very important to each berber dish. If there is no spices in a dish then it is not berber. It is one of the most important ingredient. The most used spices are cinnamon, and cardamon. Spices are added to dishes just for taste.

In conclusion, we need to leave berber food because if I ask an American about Morocco he will say directly there is couscous and tajine which is Berber. If berber culture becomes instinct then berber food will be instinct too. As an effect, Morocco won’t be known as much as today.


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  2. I enjoyed your amazing presentation with berber food, couscous and tagine. But, I want to know how the berber people got the idea to make the couscous or tagine. Where did they get the ideas to make food with corns or meat??

  3. I really liked your presentation and think that you explained your topic pretty well. It was a great idea to bring in the couscous, the tagine, and the bread because it showed the types of food they would serve in a meal.

    Q: Is the couscous served everyday or is it like in the Moroccan culture where they only serve it on the Fridays?

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  5. I think that the thought of bringing in food was very smart indeed. Also, your diction was great and the overall presentation made a lot of sense!

    Q: Why do you think that Coucous is the main dish?

  6. Question : Why is Berber food so important to Berbers and other people beyond?

    Berber food is essentially composed of tajine and couscous, but I think there are more dishes than that. Your presentation was interesting, and I agree with the act that strangers thin of Morocco as food first first, then the other beautiful stuff.

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  8. Due to the fact that Berber people are most likely converted to Islam, we can understand that some people are changing the tradition of Berber couscous when they say that pork should not be included in the Berber dishes. However, what if the Berbers are converted to another religion than Islam, is it considered a Berber dish if there is pork on it? If not why not? Are there some special ingredients to follow?

  9. Why do Berbers eat Couscous every Friday and not every Wednesday?

    I agree with you that we should keep Berber food. Some people grew up with that kind of food and if it just vanishes then the Berbers would lose part of themselves.

  10. Question: What are some spices that the Berbers use that we don't commonly use?

    Berber food isn't very different from the Moroccan food but there should be some other food that we don't eat or know.

  11. Great job Achraf. I agree with you on the food, if it doesn't have any spices then it isn't berber. Also the tajines, you mentioned different kinds, do you know where all these came from? I do also agree with what you said that Morocco is remembered by its food. The Berber/Moroccan food is what attracts attention.

    Before Christians eat, they say a prayer, do Berbers say prayer? if so what do the say?

  12. Berber food looks very good. They use very special spices which embellish the tajines. I think the couscous is the same that the one in Morocco expect that they use different sauces. I agree we should keep berber food, I also think that it is the most important part of their culture.

    Is islam impacting the Berber foods?

  13. They way you presented was Awesome!!!

    I want to know how did the Berbers get the idea of couscous, tajine and where they put it and how they make it?

    It's very interesting.

  14. Why is the couscous shaped like a pyramid

    I think you explained the couscous very well. Even as a moroccan that eats a lot of couscous you taught me more thank you

  15. Myriel, I really liked that you brought food, it was delicious and also very healthy. You explained your different kinds of food like tajine, couscous and the desserts and drinks.

    is there a special day at which couscous is eaten like by the arabs?

  16. Comment:

    Thanks for the great presentation and great food, the Berber food is truly amazing and fascinating


    Does the cous cous always has to be officially served in the circular plate, because when we have cous cous, the vegetables meat and sauce are in a seperate jar from the cous cous?

  17. Ellias, I think your presentation was well done and well researched. I agree with you that the pyramid style is used for decoration because no one would want to eat a flat couscous or tajine. Also I agree with you on the spices because there is no Berber dish without spices.

    Question: Why is it couscous that is eaten on Friday not any other food?

  18. Before Christians eat, they say a prayer, do Berbers say prayer? if so what do the say?

    Berbers are muslims these days and as every muslim we say BISMILAH (in the name of god) and when we finish we say HAMDOULAH (to thank god) Thank you for your questions.

  19. Does the cous cous always has to be officially served in the circular plate, because when we have cous cous, the vegetables meat and sauce are in a seperate jar from the cous cous?

    Traditionally the couscous is served with vegetables and meat in the plate. Maybe when you had it, it was in a modernized moroccan restaurant and was not made traditionally.

  20. Is there a special day at which couscous is eaten?

    In Morocco couscous is eaten every friday after the men have come back from the mosque. The family gathers around the table and that happens each friday. Thank you for your question.

  21. Why is the couscous shaped like a pyramid?

    As I already explained the couscous is like a pyramid just for the decoration and everyone gets a piece of meat and vegetables. I would not like to eat a flat coucous, it would look disgusting.

  22. Is islam impacting the Berber foods?

    Islam does impact berber food because berbers are muslim so they shouldn't put pork in the couscous or tajine. Unfortunately in the United States restaurants put pork in couscous. I wouldn't call that meal couscous because it is not berber, I would call it porkcous.